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Upgrades & Modifications

Mods Tailored to You!

Here at LiveWire Music, we take pride in providing a service to our customers with options to express themselves and customize their guitars. This section is dedicated to providing you with the options to:

  • Request modifications to be done on a guitar.
  • Custom-Order special parts/ items required for the process.1
  • Get a quote on upgrades/ modifications to be done.

Additional Information:

Our upgrades and mods will be in accordance with our Store Terms and Conditions.

Let’s Get You Upgraded!

To get started with an upgrade/ modification on your guitar, please fill out our quick and easy upgrade/ modification request form below .

Upgrade/ Modification Request


  1. Note: Items on Custom-Order are usually purchased and shipped from our overseas warehouse to our local store. When the parts/ items arrive, a time will be scheduled for you to bring your item(s) to our store and the modification process will begin thereafter. Finally, when your mods are complete, we will let you know and arrangements will be made for you to pick up your item(s). ↩︎