SONICAKE Octave Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

USD $112.99
Product Details
Type: Octave


This Octaver pedal is equipped with an authentic bypass and features a timeless analog circuit design. It allows you to generate notes that are one or two octaves lower than the original signal. This pedal serves as a valuable tool for guitarists or bassists who wish to effortlessly enhance their monophonic melody lines. By blending natural notes with the enchanting capabilities of the Octaver, your music will possess the added dynamics it requires to truly stand out and shine.


  • The Octave Pedal has 100% Analog Classic Monophonic Octave creates 2-Voice Octave Sound Blended with Dry Signal
  • Compact Size Pedal producing Notes One Octave lower and Two Octaves lower than the Direct Signal For Octave Guitar Pedal
  • Designed for both Guitar & Bass with almost Imperceptible Latency on Guitar Octave Pedal
  • True Bypass Footswitch keeps a clean Signal Path For Octave Pedal
  • Working with 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply(not included) For the guitar effects octave pedal
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