PDP by DW Encore Complete 5-Piece Drum Set With Chrome Hardware - Ruby Red

USD $1,282.99
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Brand: PDP
Type: Percussion Drum Sets

Complete drum set with multi-ply poplar shells, lathed cymbals and double-braced PDP hardware pack.

The PDP by DW Encore drum sets are a killer value, featuring exceptional construction and components as well as a full hardware package. Experience the powerful and smooth low-end warmth of these poplar shells. Enjoy the eye-catching appearance and amazing durability of sparkle-wrapped finishes. The kit includes a snare, bass drum, floor tom and two rack toms, plus a throne, double-braced hardware, brass cymbals and even sticks. True-Pitch tension rods, telescoping spurs and a variety of other features normally reserved for high-end drums make these Encore drum kits perfect for any aspiring player.


  • Complete drum set with everything an aspiring player needs to get started
  • Five-piece shell pack made from poplar for warm, powerful sound
  • Complete chrome hardware pack includes stands, mounts and pedals
  • Set of lathed brass cymbals including hi-hat and crash/ride
  • Sparkle wrap finishes are durable and visually striking
  • DW-inspired features include True Pitch tuning rods, telescoping spurs and rugged double-braced hardware
  • Comes with throne and sticks to get the you playing right away

Get started right with poplar drums and high-end hardware. Order now.

Encore Complete 5-Piece Drum Set With Chrome Hardware and Cymbals Specifications:

  • Bass drum(s): 22"x16"
  • Tom(s): 10"x7", 12"x8"
  • Floor tom(s): 16"x14"
  • Snare: 14"x5"
  • Total pieces: 5
  • Cymbals: Yes
  • Hardware: Yes
  • Bass pedal: Yes
  • Hi-hat stand: Yes
  • Straight stand: Yes
  • Throne: Yes
  • Hardware pieces: 5
  • Shell material: Poplar
  • Construction: Multi-ply
  • Drum Hardware
  • Material: Steel
  • Mounts: Traditional
  • Heads: Factory
  • Finish type: Wrap
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