On-Stage Maple Drumsticks

USD $9.99
Various Styles Available
Product Details
Brand: On-Stage
Type: Drum Sticks

Twelve Pairs of Sticks for the Price of One!

Save big on the sticks you need! On-Stage Stands Maple Wood Drum Sticks are a great choice, whether you play acoustic drums or an electronic kit. To play with lightning speed you need sticks that are stronger, straighter, and last longer. These have been logged, air kiln dried, shaped, sanded, sealed and are ready to make some thunder. So be prepared for some serious drumming - get the On-Stage Stands Maple Wood Drum Sticks!

On-stage Stands Maple Wood Drum Sticks Features:

  • 1 pairs of sticks
  • 5A
  • Wood tip
  • Maple
  • Air-kiln dried
  • Perfect for both acoustic and electronic percussion kits
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