Mapex Venus 5-Piece Fusion Drum Set with Hardware - Black Galaxy Sparkle

USD $1,692.99
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Brand: Mapex
Type: Percussion Drum Sets

A Mapex drum kit with everything you need to get started.

The Mapex Venus VE5044FTC is a complete drum kit delivering great sound and dynamic looks with everything you need to get started on your drumming journey. The combination of poplar shells with Mapex SONIClear bearing edges makes for quick and effortless tuning, while shorter tom depths deliver instant full tone and allow for easier setup and tom positioning. The complete drum kit includes five drums with matching snare drum, hardware, throne, cymbals and a pair of drum sticks.


  • 5-piece drum kit with bass drum, two toms, one floor tom and a matching snare
  • Includes hi-hat and crash/ride cymbal
  • Complete hardware kit featuring stands, mounts, throne and drum sticks
  • Mapex SONIClear bearing edges for easy tuning

Order the 5-piece fusion drum set with hardware and cymbals now.

  • Hi-hats and crash/ride cymbals
  • Double-braced hi-hat, cymbal and snare stands
  • Single bass drum pedal
  • Round-top throne
  • Sticks
  • All of the tradition and quality of the Ludwig brand, all rolled up into one value-priced drum kit.

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    Venus 5-Piece Fusion Drum Set With Hardware and Cymbals Specifications:


    • Bass drum: 20x16"
    • Tom 1: 10x7"
    • Tom 2: 12x8"
    • Floor tom: 14x12"
    • Snare: 14x5"
    • Total pieces: 5


    • Shell material: Poplar
    • Bearing edges: Mapex SONIClear


    • Hi hat (top and bottom): 14"
    • Crash/ride: 18"


    • Tom holder: TH652
    • Bass drum mount: Yes
    • Throne: T400
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