LW Essentials Premium Kids Electronic 9-Pad Roll-Up Drum Set with Built-in Speaker

USD $230.99
Great For Kids to Learn Rhythm & Beat!
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Brand: LW Essentials
Type: Kids Drum Sets

LW Essentials!

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  • Great for Kids - Rhythm & Beat Galore!: The LW Essentials electronic roll-up drum pad set is a great tool for kids to learn rhythm and beat and to develop their motor skills. Before buying an expensive electronic drum set, consider this drum practice roll up pad. 
  • Multi-Pad Kids Drum Set:  There are 9 drum pads/ cymbal pads and pedals on this premium roll-up drum set to perform a variety of tones to meet various playing and practicing needs. It combine pads such as the bass drum, tom, snare, hi-hat and crash cymbals along with built-in demo songs, tones and rhythms that makes it easy for kids to practice musical rhythms completely. It is the perfect drum set for kids who want to practice and record drums from a young age!
  • Flexible Connectivity: It features MP3 and USB inputs for a variety of use-cases. It also has an AUX in jack for connecting other devices and a phone out jack for external speakers, amplifiers or headphones. You can also connect to a computer using the USB port along with MIDI software to play electronic drum games!
  • Excellent Two-speaker Stereo Sound: This electronic roll-up drum pad uses high quality drum set sound samples and built-in dual speakers, with distinctive highs and lows, that give the most authentic drum sound. Great for allowing childern to develop and identify their own drum beats.
  • Silent Mode: The drum pad is made of a silent material that is soft and tough, with virtually no sound when you hit it, and support for external headphones which allows kids to start practicing anytime without worrying about disturbing others.
  • Portable and More Entertaining: This setup is powered by both power and battery, plus it weighs only a few pounds which is portable and perfect for indoor/ outdoor entertainment. 
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