LW Essentials Premium Keyboard Stand 2nd Tier Add-On

USD $165.99
For Keyboard Stands
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Brand: LW Essentials
Type: Keyboard Stands

LW Essentials!

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Double Your Keyboard Stand's Reach With This Premium 2nd Tier Add-On!

  • Height & Width Adjustable - This 2nd tier add-on can be adjusted for optimal comfort and ergonomics. 
  • Built to Last - Made of high-quality metal that allows it to withstand heavy loads. This double-tier keyboard stand extender assembles in minutes and lasts a lifetime. Great for use on stage, at home or in the studio.
  • Compatible with 54-88 Key Keyboards/ MIDI Controllers
  • Width Adjustability of Stand: ~20"-33"
  • Height Adjustability of Stand: ~13"-22"
  • Max Weight: Up to 60 lbs

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