LW Essentials Premium Cymbal Boom Long-Arm Attachment Clamp - Chrome

USD $93.99
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Brand: LW Essentials
Type: Clamps, Clips, Mounts, Holders & Other Parts

LW Essentials!

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  • SIMPLIFY YOUR SET-UP: This attachment clamp is the solution you need! It allows you to mount any size of crash or splash cymbal to an existing stand, freeing up space and making your kit more versatile.
  • EXPAND YOUR SOUND WITH EASE: Take your drumming to the next level. Perfect for drummers who want to add an extra cymbal to their kit without needing another stand, giving you greater versatility and room for creativity.
  • DUAL TILTER ADJUST MULTI CLAMP: The innovative multi clamp design lets you connect the clamp to the base of an existing cymbal or tom stand, so you can place your cymbal exactly where you want it.
  • WELL CONSTRUCTED AND VERY STURDY: Made to connect to the shaft of a larger stand, you can easily add another cymbal without worrying about extra legs cluttering up your space.
  • PRECISE ADJUSTMENTS: The long arm length (varies between 17in. - 18in. from our suppliers) and 12.7mm diameter boom arm with geared tilter enable effortless placement and adjustment of your cymbal, so you can get the exact sound you're looking for.
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