LW Essentials Premium 5-Piece Complete Drum Set with Hardware - Blue

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Brand: LW Essentials
Type: Percussion Drum Sets

LW Essentials!

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Premium Drum Kit Made to Last

Combining premium, professional-grade features and a timeless design, this complete adult full-size 5-piece drum set from LW Essentials offers endless versatility to develop and sharpen your drumming skills, or just enjoy hours of pure entertainment with friends and family.

This quality drum set features hardwood (Poplar) shells, heavy-duty (2.3mm thick) triple-flanged hoops, premium brass cymbals, and all-chrome hardware and accents for a cutting-edge appearance, while delivering the functionality, performance, and durability in an affordable kit that rivals much more expensive sets. 

This complete, adult/full-size drum set includes everything the aspiring musician needs to get started or enhance their musical collection.


  • 22" x 16" ten-lug bass drum with chain-driven pedal
  • 14" x 6" snare drum with snare wires and basket stand
  • 13" x 10" and 12" x 9" mounted toms with adjustable tilt memory locks
  • 16" x 16" floor tom
  • 14" premium brass hi-hat cymbals, stand and chain-driven pedal
  • 16" premium brass crash/ride cymbal
  • Padded adjustable throne (stool)
  • A pair of wood drumsticks
  • Adjustment key
  • Assembly, layout and tuning guide
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