LW Essentials Basic Guitar Stand - with Neck Brace

USD $47.99
For Electric & Acoustic Guitars
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Brand: LW Essentials
Type: Guitar Stands

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Portable Neck Brace Guitar Stand

This LW Essentials Neck Brace guitar stand is quite versatile and durable. This guitar stand is designed to accommodate all types of guitars in the most stable manner possible. Tripod design, rubber feet, neck strap and adjustable neck.


  • Strong Guitar Stand: Made from steel this guitar stand is tough enough to withstand day-to-day knocks and bumps whilst at home or being transported
  • Portable Guitar Stand: This guitar holder can be folded in seconds making it ideal for use if you need to use it in multiple locations
  • Stable Guitar Stand: The rubberized feet on the guitar stand mean that this guitar holder will remain stationary on any floor type
  • Protective Guitar Stand: The arms and neck on the guitar stand have a layer of neoprene to protect your guitar when seated
  • Universal Guitar Stand: Works as an acoustic guitar stand, electric guitar stand, and bass guitar stand

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