LW Essentials Basic Electronic Drum Set with Mesh Heads and Bluetooth - Black

USD $743.99
Great for All Levels of Drummers
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Brand: LW Essentials
Type: Electronic Drum Sets

LW Essentials!

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  • A Complete Electronic Drum Set: The LW Essentials Basic Electronic Drum Set is the one to get for those who need a proper quality electronic drum set without breaking the bank! It features a double-layered mesh high-density structure for a realistic drumming experience. It also comes 6" mesh drum pads, 10" cymbals with a full strike zone, a sturdy metal frame, drum module, drum throne, drumsticks, and all cables needed. This electronic kit will help you practice to become an excellent drummer!
  • Industry Standard Mesh Heads: This electronic drum set comes with double-layered, high-density mesh drumheads that provide a durable and realistic playing experience.
  • Powerful Educational Function: This impressive drum kit is loaded with powerful features, including a drum coach, 20+ accompaniment tracks, and fun exercises that keep the drummer entertained while helping to improve their playing skills!
  • All the Sounds You Need: The LW Essentials Basic electronic drum set uses intelligent dynamic clarity technology to provide realistic sounds and fun playability. It features 120+ sound options, 10+ drum kits, and 20+ demo songs, covering a wide range of music genres.
  • Sturdy & Connected: The drum set features a stable drum stand that is portable and foldable for easy storage and practice at home. The drum set can be connected to DAW software via the USB MIDI interface, allowing it to be used as a music creation tool. Headphone connectivity is also available for silent practice without disturbing anyone around you.
  • Durable Pedal: A good drum pedal that is comfortable and durable goes a long way and this drum set features a lightweight design of the pedal which reduces most of the noise when stepping on the hi-hat pedal. The large-sized pedal with built-in spring support reproduces the operation logic of a real drum pedal, helping learners and intermediate drummers alike to better control their strength and rhythm. Overall this provides you with the best experience.
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