LW Essentials Basic 7-Piece Wired Drum Microphone Set

USD $323.99
For Drums (Kick Bass, Tom, Snare & Cymbals)
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Brand: LW Essentials
Type: Drum Mic Sets

LW Essentials!

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A 7-Piece Wired Microphones Set That Get The Job Done

The LW Essentials 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit is a complete set that is ideal for rehearsals, light sound reinforcement and project recording. This 7-piece microphone kit includes a combination of dynamic and condenser microphones to capture an entire drum kit from the kick, snare, toms and overheads. The microphone set also come in a padded case along with mounts and windscreens.


  • Compact drum microphones for close-up mic setups
  • High-performance microphone tuned to capture low-end punch
  • Sensitive, flat response mic ideal for overhead and cymbal reproduction
  • Drum mounts can be used on most standard drum rims

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