LW Essentials Basic 5-Piece Junior Kids Drum Set with Hardware - Green

USD $448.99
Great For Kids to Learn Rhythm & Beat! Various Colours Available
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Brand: LW Essentials
Type: Kids Drum Sets

LW Essentials!

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  • Perfect Size For Kids: The LW Essentials Kids Drum set is sized for kids ages 3 and up so they can learn to play from an early age and switch to a full-sized model once they're older.
  • All-Wood Drum Shells: These drum shells are made of wood to produce a pleasant, rich, and dynamic tone as well as an aesthetic look that fits any room.
  • Complete All-In-One Drum Kit: No additional purchase necessary, this LW Essentials all-inclusive set comes with all the drum parts as well as a throne and drumsticks, so kids can start playing right away.
  • High-Gloss Finish: Shiny finish looks great and keeps drums in good condition, protecting them from wear and damage.
  • Never Too Early: Familiarizing children with instruments is ideal at a young age when learning is optimal; they will learn the basics of rhythm and music and become comfortable with the drums by the time they're ready for a standard-size model.
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