Evans E-Rings Pack For Drum Heads

USD $47.99
Standard & Fusion Packs Available
Product Details
Brand: Evans
Type: Drum Heads

Hear your drum's true pitch, control overtones and tune easily.

The Evans E-Ring Packs contains easy-to-use external overtone control rings that float on the surface of a drum head to remove overtones and flattens the drum head's sound, allowing for easier tuning.

The Fusion Pack comes with 10", 12", 14" with a 14" snare E-rings.
This Standard Pack comes with 12", 13", 16" with a 14" snare E-rings.


  • Fusion: 10", 12", 14" with 14" snare E-ring
  • Standard: 12", 13", 16" with 14" snare E-ring
  • External overtone control ring that "floats" on the surface of the drum head
  • Removes overtones and flattens the drum head's sound and allows for easier tuning
  • All Evans drum heads are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA

Pure tone and value. Let your true sound come through.

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