DW Drums Coated Snare Head with Tuning Sequence - 14 in.

USD $47.99
Product Details
Brand: DW Drums
Type: Drum Heads

Printed Tuning Sequence for a Better Tone

DW Drumheads is helping drummers get the best tone out of their snare drums. The DW Tuning Sequence head was designed by DW's John Good and manufactured by Remo. This partnership brings you Remo's time-tested coated Mylar film and patented collar and hoop tuning advancements. But printed near each tuning screw is a sequence of numbers. Tightening evenly in this order promotes even tensioning across the head. The result is a purer sound and fewer overtones to damp.

If you play a single-ply coated head already, LiveWire Music recommends getting the most out of your tone with the DW Tuning Sequence snare head.

DW Coated Snare Drumhead by Remo with Tuning Sequence Features:

  • Tuning order promotes even tensioning across the snare
  • Results in a purer sound with fewer unwanted overtones
  • Great for beginners and pros alike
  • Discreet numbering
  • Manufactured by Remo
  • Single ply of coated Mylar film delivers a time-tested snare tone
  • Patented Remo collar/step/hoop technology enhance resonance, seating and stability
  • Designed for 10-lug snare drums

The DW Tuning Sequence snare head is your next stop on the road to better tone!

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