Asmuse Atom-ii Compression Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

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Product Details
Brand: Asmuse
Type: Compression

Experience Great Music

Indulge in a remarkable musical journey with our high-quality, durable aluminum alloy construction that boasts a timeless mini size.

Convenient Portability

Designed with a compact body and being lightweight, this compression guitar effects pedal is perfect for on-the-go performances and outdoor gigs.

Seamless Effect Transition

Effortlessly switch between the desired effect and bypass mode by simply pressing down the true bypass footswitch. The LED light will also illuminate or dim accordingly.


  • With a classic smooth and tight compressed tone
  • Perfectly harnessing transients that maintain the original signal
  • 3 knob settings: volume/tone extension/ compression strength, suitable for use in high gain distortion, also suitable for the effect of tight tone in the clear sound
  • Whether it's a strong or slightly tinted string, the compression effector lets you output the volume at a stable value
  • All-metal housing and compact design
  • Real bypass switch, universal 9V DC power adapter


Enter the connection type Standard 1/4" interface mono/TS
Output connection type Standard 1/4" interface mono/TS
Power input Universal 9V direct current
Working current 5mA(DC 9V)
Size (length X width X height) 90.5mm(D) X 44.5mm(W)x50.5mm(H)
Weight 300g
Accessories User's manual

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